About George Harris Movement

George Harris Movement is an Australian hemp clothing company based in the Southern Highlands and South Coast of NSW. We are passionate about creating a vibrant, environmentally friendly lifestyle, through a range of high quality, affordable, comfortable and durable hemp clothing designs. Our products are all environmentally friendly as a way to help save the environment through sustainable clothing whilst spreading good vibes. By purchasing our hemp products, you support our goals to make a greener future for Australia

George Harris Movement will be collaborating with a variety of lifestyle and environment friendly companies. From volunteering our time, to donating money to causes that focus on happiness and sustainable futures.

The George Harris Movement team has a variety of exciting upcoming events, media releases, and general rad times over the coming months. Look out for our weekly photos, news and videos to keep up to date and to become part of the Movement.

Let’s grow towards a greener future.

The time is NOW.

Love from the George Harris Movement team.

Why Hemp?

Environmental factors-

It does not shed micro-plastics into our water supply or oceans.

Hemp is a naturally grown fibre, that uses little to no insecticides and pesticides, compared to cotton which accounts for the use of nearly 25% of the worlds insecticides and pesticides.

Hemp requires less then 50% of the amount of water used to grow cotton.

nothing is wasted in the hemp production process: seeds are used to make oil and food supplements, while the stalks are used for fiber

Hemp also produces more fiber per acre than trees, and can be renewed two to three times per year. Not only that: industrial hemp plants absorb more carbon dioxide than trees.

it renews the soil with each growth cycle. Its long roots prevent erosion and help retain topsoil. Hemp also grows readily in most temperate regions.

Of course, nothing lasts forever. When hemp clothing is no longer wearable it can biodegrade completely, leading to a minimal ecological footprint over the whole life of each garment.

Other Benefits

Hemp fabric is UV resistant, perfect for those long summer days on the beach or hikes up the mountain tops

Clothing made of hemp fiber is lightweight and absorbent, with three times the tensile strength of cotton and contains natural antimicrobial and moisture wicking properties to help prevent bacteria and smells.

Hemp is less expensive to farm because of its minimal growth requirements. Hemp plants grow quickly, producing 5-10 tons of cellulose fiber pulp per acre in four months.

Hemp fabric stands up well to repeated washings and regularly being worn, growing softer and more comfortable over time.

Hemp clothing is also very breathable and has excellent insulation properties, keeping the wearer warm in cooler weather and cool in warmer weather.

It takes dye easily and retains color well.

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