//Up-cycling for Halloween

Up-cycling for Halloween

Halloween is becoming a growing festivity within Australia and although im never one to oppose a good time and something to give me a reason to dress up; it does come with mass buying of clothes and accessories, that we will probably only use once, before binning it and helping contribute to our ever growing landfill and waste problem. 

So here are a few ways to have fun with Halloween and still stand out trick or treating and at your house party’s. 

1. Donate Them

If you don’t want to store your Halloween costume until next year, you can donate it to your local charity shop so someone else can enjoy it in 2019.

2. Upcycle (to something completely new)

Whether it’s mesh, velvet, sequins, or satin, all those fabrics that make up your Halloween costume are the crafter’s dream — cut it up and see how you can repurpose the material to decorate your house. 

Cut them up and make a completely new costume from all those collected pieces from over the years.

Make yourself something that can be worn on a daily basis/ make a head band that you can wear to a festival. 

3. Upcycle (an old piece)

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to spruce up an old piece, Maybe it just needs to be worn with some new make up and accessories this year, or you could have two pieces that you can choose your favourite parts from to make a hybrid costume from previous years that you had put endless time and money in to. 

4. Costume Swap

Switch costumes with friends so none of you (the horror!) come dressed the same as the year before.

5. Sell them 

Your costume might be too good and one of a kind that you could actually make some money back on them, try selling them on local pages with high quality photo’s and good write ups to increase your chances.

6. Challenge yourself and friends 

Make a group or through a party where every costume that comes has to be made 100% out of up cycled material and products. Not only will you be saving the environment but think of the money you can also save. 

7. Thrift

Go to those op shops and drop off last years costume but whilst your there have a look around and there are pretty high chances that with some creativity you could be leaving the store with this years costume.


So have fun, get creative and keep in mind how much good you are doing by saving the environment, saving money, not supporting slave labour all just for one day of dressing up..


Send in your up cycled costumes, we would love to feature them our website.


Love GHM

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