//The Disposable Fashion Industry

The Disposable Fashion Industry

Fashion is becoming one of the most disposable items for Australians. 

A study says that one quarter of Australians throw away clothes after just one wear. Which I think we can all agree is just absolutely ridiculous. The study also showed that 4 out of 10 people, threw unwanted clothes straight into the bin instead of donating, repairing and/or up-cycling pieces.

And yet, the Australian Fashion industry keeps growing, currently worth more than 2 billion Australian dollars.

Australia exports 90 million dollars worth of used clothes and textiles.

But apparently, this need for ‘brand-new’ clothes is a generational thing because one out of four millennials, said they brought at least half the clothes they own in the past year. More than 70% of Baby boomers on the other hand , said that less than 10% of the clothes they own were brought within the past year.

When it comes to getting rid of clothes they no longer want, boomers 

The most common reason people throw their clothes away is because they no longer fit or are damaged and we are unable to repair it. But, for more than 60% of millennials, its because they are sick of wearing the same clothes, they’ve become unfashionable and they are more than a couple seasons old.

In order to make a positive impact on the environment, we need to change the definition of ‘value’ in the Australian society. Because the currently, the definition of value = cheap, so when someone sees a t-shirt for $10 they think “that’s value”.

Here at GHM, we understand that value doesn’t just equal price, it also equals the impact we are making in the world by creating these pieces. That’s why we are so passionate about up-cycling. Up-cycling allows us to get the best quality products and create something new whilst reducing the impact we have on landfill!


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